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TV Production by Cassandra Hill

As a television producer, Ms. Hill created a television show called Unity under the auspices of Cassieland LLC. Ms. Hill put on the hat of executive producer and television reporter to cover community events that unify people and families cross culturally.

Adult Content.

Cassandra Hill enjoys the art of television production. Ms. Hill has interviewed Pastor Joel and
Victoria Osteen for America’s Night of Hope, singer Janelle Monae, Musicians and singers Nate “Rocket Wonder,” and Roman GianArthur. She has also covered Singer and actor Bowlegged Lou of Full Force and from the movie House Party and singer Colbie Caillat. During the Obama administration she’s covered both President Obama and Michelle Obama on several occasions.

Children’s Content

To further promote Unity and the children’s content, Ms. Hill interviewed Roscoe Orman from Sesame Street at the White House Easter egg Celebration under President Obama. Ms. Hill has also had the pleasure of performing with Mr. Orman at Camp Curtin Middle School in Harrisburg, PA. Ms. Hill continues to create content for public access television.

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