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Children Reading Shyann's Books

CassieLand LLC was established by author and illustrator Cassandra Hill, who has a passion for the arts. Ms. Hill wants to create content for everyone in society as a whole, that brings people together through various artistic mediums such as art, literature, music and even television.

At the age of seven, Ms. Hill recalls attending a school assembly wherein she thoroughly enjoyed a dramatic presentation by a story teller. It was then that she knew that she wanted to become a performer herself one day. After earning two degrees in the field of Speech Language Pathology, Ms. Hill has made good on that dream.

She has authored two children’s books, Shyann I Am! and It’s Your Birthday Shyann! To promote cross cultural friendships, she wrote the song, “Change The World Shyann!” And she plays that song at the end of every show.

Visit Cassieland LLC website to learn to more about Cassandra Hill’s Shyan Book Series.

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